The Silos - Stylish Raglan Accommodation.
Accommodation at the Silos on Raglan Wharf.

About the Silos

<p>Building the Silos - 1964</p>

Building the Silos - 1964

<p>General Store, Corner of Cliff and Wallis Streets 1897</p>

General Store, Corner of Cliff and Wallis Streets 1897

<p>The Silos by Moonlight</p>

The Silos by Moonlight

Built in 1964 by the Golden Bay Cement Company, the silos at Raglan Wharf had a previous life as storage for cement shipments from the South Island.

Historically the first cement silo was built to supply the Kaimai railway tunnel project until 1980. In the early 1970s a second cement silo was built. Cement was the main commodity to be discharged until the Port of Raglan officially closed on 27 March 1981.

The Silos are part of the wider history of the Raglan Wharf that was first constructed in 1874, and progressively expanded to accommodate the shipping trade.

By composition, their solid steel and concrete construction would prove difficult to demolish, so the choice to regenerate and reuse them as stylish holiday accommodation provides Raglan and the wharf environment with an inventive and distinctive symbol of 21st century living.